Anquan Boldin had six receptions for 104 yards, and a touchdown in the Super Bowl. He's 32 years old with gas left in the tank and a year and $6 million owed to him. So his recent quotes are surprising considering the "loyalty" of NFL franchises. Boldin told NBC Sports Radio:

"I won't play in another uniform. We have a saying, once a Raven, always a Raven, and I'll always be a Raven." He added, "I think you go out and let your play speak for itself. You deal with that if you have to, but, I think for me—I know for me—Baltimore is the only place I want to play."

Baltimore has four starters that are unrestricted free agents: Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, future Hall of Famer Ed Reed, and linebackers Dannelle Ellerbee and Paul Kruger. Boldin had a solid year catching 65 passes for 921 yards along with four touchdowns in 15 games.

The Ravens better give that man his money.

[via ESPN]