UNLV's football program wants an $800 million stadium named "UNLV Now" that features a 100-yard Jumbotron, two night clubs, and six 300-seat VIP suites and 50 conventional suites. The city hopes the new stadium will attract big events like fights, bowl games, concerts, and (crosses fingers) maybe a Super Bowl. While the program hopes new digs will make recruiting easier because the shit hole they're playing in now ain't cuttin' it. 

Majestic Realty's project representative Craig Cavileer, UNLV's partner in this venture, said:

"When Vegas puts on a show, people expect something amazing. People are going to expect an over-the-top facility. (UNLV Now) should be phenomenal and iconic."

This is a ton of money to throw at a football program that hasn't had a winning season since 2000. We wonder where they're getting all this money from...

Vaya con Dios, Las Vegas.

[via Dr. Saturday]