Team(s): Bullets
Career Stats: 10.8 PPG 14.0 RPG 3.9 APG 1.1 SPG
Accomplishments: 5x All-Star, 1969 Rookie of the Year, 1x MVP, 1x Finals MVP, 1x All-NBA, 1x Champion, Member of the Hall of Fame

The originator of the perfect outlet pass, Wes Unseld stood at 6'7" and was built like Thor's hammer. The god was indestructible. He grabbed every board when he was in the game and broke collarbones with his solid picks. Come to think of it, we think he might be Kevin Love's biological father. He led the Washington Bullets to four Finals appearances, winning a title in 1978. Maybe the Wizards should change their names back to the Bullets. They already swagger-jacked the uniforms. And did we mention Wes looks like Sampson from Half Baked?