While we've chronicled the various trials and tribulations of Saab, as GM fought to make sure that Spyker would have no change of succeeding. Most recently National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) secured the rights to everything Saab owned with the exception of the griffon logo. Yes, NEVS owns the Phoenix architecture and the design of the sexy looking new 9-3. NEVS is the Saab-owning division of National Modern Energy Holdings out of Hong Kong.

The new 9-3 is to be built initially for the Chinese market, and will be followed by an electric version. Since production is expected to exceed capacity at Saab's plant in Trolhattan, Sweden, NEVS has chosen the city of Qingdao, China as the future location for a second plant, which was enough of a promise to get the city to invest $300 million for a 22% stake in the company.

Like a fighter who isn't winning, but refuses to lose, Saab gets up one more time.

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[via Jalopnik]