Things just keep getting worse and worse for the Lakers.

After putting up a fight against the Heat on Thursday night and coming up just short against the defending NBA champions, Kobe Bryant & Co. went on the road to play the Raptors yesterday afternoon to start a three-game road trip. And, it should have been exactly what the team needed right now—a relatively easy contest against a bad Eastern Conference team. But, instead, the Lakers came out flat and ended up losing 108-103 in a game that wasn't even all that close (the Raptors led by 13 going into the fourth quarter). So, after the game, Kobe was upset. And, he said a few things that should worry all of the Lakers fans out there.

"I've just got to rest my legs," said Kobe, who just shot 10-for-32 during the game. "My legs are a little tired. My shots are just short. That's on me. I'll take this loss on me, gladly. There were a lot of easy shots, a lot of them, that I should have put down."

But, Kobe didn't take all the blame. He also subliminally hinted that, if he had some help from his teammates, he probably wouldn't be as tired as he is right now. As he told ESPN's Dave McMenamin, he's going to be tired for the rest of the season…unless he gets some help.

"Unless [the Lakers front office is] going to do something roster-wise," he said, "I got to continue to push through it."

Hmmm…Was that an indirect message to your teammates, Kobe? On a day when you took 32 shots and made just 10? During a season in which the Lakers traded for Dwight Howard and signed Steve Nash to help you out? We don't disagree with the fact that you need help. But, now is probably not the time to complain about it. Just sayin'.

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[via AP]