Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Mark Robinson clearly takes his oath to "protect and serve" seriously. After successfully fighting a ticket from a poorly calibrated and improperly implemented speeding camera, he is now attempting to get $1,814,150 in refunds for people who have been wrongly ticketed. Since the cameras in question do not have a secondary method of verifying speed (evenly spaced marks on the road, etc.) the city is issuing tickets outside the guidelines of the law, and this is the grounds for Sgt. Robinson's case.

Sgt. Robinson, despite asking for nothing more than an ethical implementation of the existing system, has been labeled as a "whistleblower" and some officials have suggested that "corrective and/or disciplinary action" should be brought against him. We hope the city comes to its senses, as Sgt. Robinson is doing exactly what we wish every officer would: upholding the law to the best of his ability, even if it requires personal risk.

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[via Washington Times]