When we saw a press release regarding a new special edition Lotus Evora called the 'Sports Racer' (and we didn't add the single quotes) we assumed that it would be a stripped down race car. No CD player, no rear seats, no carpets, no frills, and a lot of speed. We were seriously surprised when we found out that the 'Sports Racer' comes with the optional (and useless) rear seats as standard, as well as an upgraded stereo system, a DVD player, and a 7" touchscreen. 

The performance does get a few upgrades as well; the throttle has been remapped for quicker response, the redline has been bumped up, and it comes with some cross-drilled brake discs. 

The 'Sports Racer' is available in Aspen White, Carbon Grey, Nightfall Blue, and Ardent Red with either a black interior with red piping or a red interior with black piping. All colors get a black contrasting roof, side sills, rear diffuser, front splitter, mirrors, and wheels.

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[via Lotus]