Anybody here familiar with the Bentley Cresta that was built back in the '40s? Take a look for a refresher. It was a car that eventually evolved into the Continental, and it was based on the coachwork of Pininfarina and a man named Jean Daninos. Using this model and other work with Citroen and Ford-France as a launch pad, Daninos designed the "Vega," under the manufacturer name Facel and unveiled the car at the Paris Salon in 1954.

For the next 10 years, Daninos created a variety of Chrysler V8-sourced luxury cars, including the HK500 and Facellia. Because of the hand-crafted nature of these vehicles, they were priced similar to Rolls-Royces. Unfortunately, the small number of cars sold and some mechanical issues eventually pushed the company back into the ground. Now, nearly 50 years later, Facel is seeing some new life, with a redesign of a Facel Vega concept. 

Thus far, there hasn't been on an official announcements on the engine, the company's state, or if the car will actually be produced, but the renderings and sketches have reignited some interest in the French automaker. Considering they used to be top-notch powerhouses back in the day, we would expect nothing less for the new model. 

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[via Facel Vega's FB]