After the Chiefs' Jovan Belcher mercilessly gunned down his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, at the couple's home in Kansas City, Belcher's mother Cheryl Shepard frantically called for an ambulance to the scene. Now, the Kansas City police have released the audio from the chilling 911 call.

With Cheryl screaming things like, "Stay with me, the ambulance is on the way. Stay with me Kasandra, stay with me" and "I don't know how he (inaudible), they were arguing, please hurry," it's definitely something extremely difficult to hear knowing the final outcome for the couple involved.

While many wondered about the financial upbringing of their 3-month old daughter Zoey, it was announced that she could receive more than $1 million through the NFL's collective bargaining agreement. Over the next four years, she's scheduled to get $108,000 annually. In the fifth year, the total drops to $48,000 and then jumps to $52,000 each year until age 18. She could receive that same amount until age 23 if she decides to attend college.

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