DeSean Jackson went through the highs and lows yesterday. Early in the day, Jackson held a youth toy giveaway with T.I. through an event held by the DeSean Jackson Foundation. Later on at night, DeSean made an appearance at Tip's “Trouble Man” album release party where he eventually challenged Meek Mill to a bet.

It was simple. A rap battle between Meek's rapper Lil Snupe and DeSean's protegé with $10,000 on the line for the winner. We won't tell you who won because you probably read the title this tweet says it all:

Meek even posted a picture (check out the other thumb) of his earnings with a straight Kool-Aid smile on his face. And it seems that DeSean's giving mood rubbed off on the Philly rapper because he turned around and donated the money to Strawberry Mansion H.S., which happens to be one of the 37 high schools in Philadelphia that may close due to financial problems. 

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[via Black Sports Online]