Athletes are doing everything they can right now to help out the families of the victims of the tragic Newtown, CT shooting. Some, like Chris Johnson, are writing words of encouragement on their sneakers. Others, like Victor Cruz, are making trips to Newtown to visit with the victims' families. And, Derek Jeter did his part on Wednesday when he made a surprise phone call to Donna Soto, the mother of Victoria Soto. Victoria was one of the teachers who was killed while trying to protect her students from a crazed gunman.

"It was a surprise and unexpected," Soto's cousin James Wiltsie revealed. "Donna was ecstatic over it and very happy. She spoke to him for quite some time."

Wiltsie didn't reveal what Soto and Jeter talked about. But, he did note that Victoria was a huge Yankees fan and that the Yankees were mentioned at her funeral.

"Vicki loved the Yankees," he said. "That was part of her eulogy. No one in the family reached out [to Derek Jeter] so he must have heard about it and…reached out."

What a guy. Say what you want about DJ, but it was awfully nice of him to help Soto's family out in their time of need. We hope other athletes continue to try and do the same thing in the days ahead.

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[via New York Daily News]