Braylon Edwards has never been a person to hold his tongue. Earlier today the former New York Jet and current Seattle Seahawk WR took to Twitter and let the world know that he's #teamsanchez. Predictably fans and the like hammered him in the replies and Edwards even went as far as to call one fellow tweeter a "retard."

Check out this beauty:

Much has been made of Mark Sanchez's benching this past Sunday vs. the Cardinals. "Sanchize" was subbed in favor of second-year third-stringer Greg McElroy. The former Alabama quarterback threw the game's only touchdown and the Jets won, 7-6. More than likely the Jets front office and coaching staff won't make it to next year. Their decision to trade for Tim Tebow instead of giving their current starting quarterback weapons has been a disaster. Mark has looked confused and overwhelmed up until this point and this latest hiccup sure isn't going to help.

Do you agree with Braylon's assessment?

[via Shutdown Corner]