"One night my roommate, my girlfriend at the time, and I were trying to catch a cab from Manhattan to my apartment in Brooklyn. A cab stopped and we hopped in. We went through the whole routine: 'Where are you going?' 'Brooklyn. First stop over the Williamsburg bridge.' The cab driver stomped on the breaks and told us he couldn't take us.

"I said if he didn't take us, we weren't getting out of his car. He said, 'fine. Then we'll all stay here.' Drunk and feeling good, I said, 'fuck it. We can do this all night.' It was Saturday. I could have literally stayed in his cab all night.

"Every five minutes he would grumble something about having to go home and not being able to take us and drop the cab off before his shift ended. We kept telling him to either take us or shut up. Eventually, 20 to 25 minutes passed. He pulled off and told us that he was going to try to find a police officer, because what we were doing was illegal. 'Fine,' we said. 'Go for it.'

"The driver found two cops handling a much more serious situation and pulled over. The cops asked what the problem was and this asshole straight up lied. He told the cops we forced ourselves into the car and assaulted him while doing so. We couldn't believe it. We tried to get a word in and the cops told us to shut up. I thought we were going to get kicked out the car and arrested. Instead, the cops were actually on our side and told the driver that we didn't look menacing and asked him if it didn't make more sense for him to make the 20-minute drive to Brooklyn instead of refusing to drive and looking for police officers.

"He tried to tell the cops the same shit he told us. The cops listened and then told him to drive us to Brooklyn. When the driver got back in the car he told us he couldn't turn his meter back on because he turned if off earlier. I said, 'That's fine. We'll figure out a price.' When we got to my apartment, he said he couldn't take our money because the meter wasn't running, so our ride was free."