The Monday after a holiday break is always a rough one—well, except if you're a professional athlete. Getting paid millions to go to work can make any job easier. Just ask Evan Longoria. The Tampa Bay Rays and the 27-year-old third baseman agreed to a $100 million contract extension through 2023. Longoria has a career batting average of .276 and has racked up three All-Star selections, two Gold Glove awards, and a Silver Slugger award in his five years as a pro. In 2008 the Rays signed Longoria to a six-year, $17.5 million contract. The terms of his new extension will go into effect in 2016 once his original deal is up.

The 2008 AL Rookie of the Year was limited to just 74 games last year due to a partially torn hamstring. That didn't stop the Rays from making a very long-term commitment to Longoria though. The team says he underwent surgery last week and should be good to go by the time spring training rolls around.

Looks like the Rays actually plan on being competitive and keeping their stars. Unlike that other team in Florida. Good for them and good for Longoria. We know he probably has this track on repeat. Or this one. Maybe this, too. You get the point.

[via ESPN]