Almost every year, one NFL team ends up undefeated during the second half of the season. And, reporters start asking players on that NFL team the same question: "Do you think you have what it takes to do what the '72 Dolphins did and run the table?"

Usually, that question is met with the same response. "We're just taking it one game at a time," players will say. "One game at a time."

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White isn't like most players, though. So, instead of falling back on the tired "one game at a time" cliche, he's fully embraced the idea of Atlanta finishing the regular season 16-0. And, despite the fact that they're only halfway there, he's already talking about how the Falcons have a real chance to do it.

"I'm hoping so," he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution this week. "I think we have the pedigree to do it…How we are on offense and defense and how we are as a team. This locker room is very united right now. Every week, we expect to win. There is not a team that I felt like when we went into a ball game this year that we didn't feel like we were going to win. I think we can [go undefeated]. We just still have to be consistent, don't turn the ball over, and get turnovers…If we can continue to do that, we'll be just fine."

"Just fine"? Sure. They haven't technically clinched yet, but you can pretty much pencil the Falcons into a playoff spot right now. But, 16-0? Eh, we wouldn't get too worked up just yet. After all, they're only 8-0 right now. Additioanlly, they almost lost to both the Panthers (!) and the Raiders (!!!!!!!)—at home. So, while we hate the cliche, this is one team that really does need to just take things "one game at a time."

Holler at us if you're still undefeated in, say, Week 15, okay?

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[via Pro Football Talk]