Magic Johnson was upset when he heard that the Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni instead of Phil Jackson. Like most Laker fans—and, hell, like D'Antoni himself—he was shocked when D'Antoni was selected. In fact, he was so upset that he says he couldn't even tweet for two whole days! He made his return to Twitter yesterday to explain his absence:

Last night, Magic explained himself further.

"I love [Lakers owner] Dr. [Jerry] Buss," he said on ESPN's NBA Countdown. "I don't believe in Jim Buss. He's made two critical mistakes already. To me, they made two critical mistakes. First, hiring Mike Brown—he wasn't the right coach…And I don't feel Mike D'Antoni is the right coach for the Lakers, especially when you have Phil Jackson sitting out there."

Can you imagine what Magic might do if Jim Buss makes a third mistake? Geez. We don't even want to think about it. So, let's hope this D'Antoni thing works out better than a whole lot of people out there are expecting it to.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]