When: 2009-Present

With Rajon Rondo you get the good, the bad, and on this occasion, the ugly. Call it a dirty play or a really heads up play, but don't call it accidental. In this 2009 game five tilt against the Bulls Rondo knew exactly what he was doing when he came across the lane to take a shot at Brad Millers head/neck. This wasn't called a flagrant at the time and quite frankly we can't figure out why. Miller is visibly shook as he goes to the line trailing by two and subsequently misses the two free-throws allowing the Celtics to hold on for the OT win, and take a commanding 3-2 lead in the series. So it was a dirty play that no doubt gave Boston the win and the momentum to go on and win what is regarded as arguably the best playoff series in postseason history. In addition to that foul, Rondo has pushed Kirk Hinrich into the scorer's table and most recently went after Dwyane Wade's neck during the season opener.