Yo, the Lakers and their fans do realize that the 2012-13 NBA season just started, right? Right?! Er, then what's with all the hostility? Kobe Bryant looks like he wants to kill his coach Mike Brown as well as anyone who questions the Lakers. Folks on Twitter launched a cyber attack on Brown's son last night that Metta World Peace's brother had to help stop. And, after the Lakers fell to 1-4 yesterday against the Jazz, a couple of angry Los Angeles fans tried to seek revenge the best way they knew how—by pepper spraying a couple of Utah fans.

Here's what happened. During the Lakers/Jazz game in Utah last night, two Lakers fans and two Jazz fans started talking trash in the stands. Things got heated and, eventually, the Lakers fans asked the Jazz fans to fight. The Jazz fans refused to fight, though, and the Lakers fans were escorted out of the building. Fast forward a couple hours and those same four fans bumped into each other outside of Energy Solutions Arena. The only difference was that this time one of the Lakers fans had armed himself with pepper spray, which he unleashed on one of the Jazz fans. The Lakers fans are still on the loose.

If there's a silver lining here, it's that the Lakers fan "only" used pepper spray. But, still: Why don't the Lakers and all their fans just take a deep breath and relax? THERE ARE STILL 77 GAMES LEFT THIS YEAR! No need to press the panic button (or the pepper spray trigger) just yet.

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[via Salt Lake Tribune]