Length: 12’5”
Curb Weight: 2269 LB
Seating Capacity: 4
Passenger Volume: 86.3 CU FT.
Horsepower: 84
Base Price: $12,245

Big cars are in America’s DNA. The country has millions of miles of open highways and a brash automotive legacy that celebrates size and power. Times, however, are changing. City living is enjoying a renaissance. Now, Americans are looking across the pond for engineering innovations and ways to improve urban life.

Enter the minicar. Yes, they’ve been Stateside before. The smart car was introduced to North America in 2008, and before that Britain’s famous little export, the Mini, and Italy’s Fiat 500 both staged American invasions. All three are celebrated novelties favored by eccentric enthusiasts more than they are by everyday drivers.

Now there’s a new generation of minicars in America‚ headed by the Chevy Spark. Surprisingly roomy, this whip redefines the image of small cars. Easy to park, and even easier to pack, they turn urban transport from nightmare into joy ride, and, most important, turn heads in your direction.