Sadly, Volkswagen has announced that the Bulli van has been cancelled, and along with it our dreams of epic road-trips in which we sleep in the back. VW claims that there was not enough demand for it in the USA and Europe, and we think they just weren't asking the right people. Here are some groups of people who would have loved this thing:

  • Hipsters: It's like the glorious beatnik vans of yore, but you don't have to get grimy changing the oil all the time.
  • Stylish Moms: The practicality of a van minus the image problems.
  • Businesses: It could very easily be a very recognizable and stylish delivery van.
  • Pornographers: there's room to have sex in the back of that thing.
  • Serial Road-Trippers: It's a modern day VW bus; would there be a better choice?

Alas, these groups will not get the updated VW Bus that they have been craving.

[via Left Lane News]

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