Stern Helps Move the Sonics vs. Preseason Ticket Prices

Match-up: The Sonics were supported by Seattle for 41 years before an investment group from Oklahoma City (with the support of David Stern) moved the team to the Sooner State. Many Sonics fans blame Stern for being a hinge point for the team's relocation.

The NFL has the balls to charge full price for preseason games. If you've ever had the misfortune of watching an NFL preseason game, you understand when we say that Goodell should probably be in jail.

Winner: Roger Goodell

Moving a team is bad, but sports towns are whores and Oklahoma City was in a better position to mortgage a state-of-the-art stadium on its city's taxpayers. But you must really hate your fans if you're willing to bill them for the stadium and then charge full price to watch Caleb Hanie fumble snaps and camp invites shank extra points. Goodell's probably right to underestimate NFL fans. They show up in droves mini camp practices. But he definitely has no respect for them.