Stern’s Dress Code vs. Goodell’s Reaction to Ailing Former NFL Players

Match-up: After the Malice in the Palace, Stern thought it was wise to clean up the league by instilling a strict suit-and-tie dress code for players. Kobe Bryant was being charged for rape and the Pistons and Pacers were tagging drunken Detroit fans, but the real problem was Timberland boots and throwback jerseys.

The on-field head injuries are only half of the NFL's concussion crisis, the other is a wave of former players who have to wear bike helmets when they shower and are perpetually losing their keys. Never take cognitive function or short term memory for granted, ask Jim McMahon

Winner: David Stern

Allen Iverson said of the dress code, "Just because you put a guy in a tuxedo, it doesn't mean he's a good guy." He was right, probably why they call him "The Answer." The real problem in the NBA was its players fighting fans. Stern, has he does all too often, focused on clouding perception and likely took a sick pleasure in watching Stephon Marbury walk the tunnel in a pair of pleated slacks.