Last month, Lil B let the world know that he was planning on trying out for the Golden State Warriors. And, over the weekend, he stayed true to his word. Er, sort of.

In actuality, The Based God didn't try out for the Golden State Warriors; he tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors, the D-League affiliate of the Warriors. But, hey, that's still pretty impressive, right? Er, again, sort of.

As you can see in the video above (which, unfortunately, does not feature Lil B), there was also a 76-year-old man in attendance at the tryouts. And, as it turns out, anyone willing to fork over 100 bucks was allowed to tryout for the team.

Still, Lil B seemed to have fun with it and made the most of the opportunity:

Nice. But, we wouldn't expect a callback from the team.

If you want to see a very short interview with The Based God himself at the tryout, head over here and fast-forward to the 1:30 mark. Way to make Based history, B.

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[via SLAM]

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