If you haven't caught wind of the ix35 yet, it is Hyundai's hydrogen fuel cell no-emissions SUV, and it will be the first commercially produced hydrogen car in the world. It will take you 365 miles, but only gets to 100 mph. 

"The ix35 Fuel Cell is the pinnacle of Hyundai's advanced engineering and our most powerful commitment to be the industry leader in eco-friendly mobility," head of Hyundai R&D Woong Chul Yang said in the press release. "Zero-emissions cars are no longer a dream. Our ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle is here, and ready for commercial use."

Hyundai wants to begin production in December of this year and hopes to have at least 1,000 ix35s on the road by 2015. After that, the company is planning a limited mass production, hoping to hit 10,000 total units sold.