Is Rob Gronkowski kicking it with a porn star again?!?

Er, sadly, no. To the best of our knowledge, Gronk is not hanging out with Bibi Jones again. But, the couple is back in the news right now. Apparently, someone swiped Bibi's phone at a bar in Boston last night (at least, that's the story she's going with) and posted a previously-unreleased photo of her and Gronk hanging out last year to Twitter. It features Gronk wearing the same outfit he was wearing in the photos last year, and it features Bibi wearing, well, just about nothing.

Here's how the Twitter drama played out:

So, do you think she sent the photo out herself—or was her phone really stolen? For the record, the tweet that features the photo hasn't been deleted yet, so...yeah, take that for what it's worth. And, either way, do you think this is the only other shot of her and Gronk that she's got stored on her phone? For his sake, we sure hope so. Stay tuned.

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[via Twitter]