Who: The IOC
Olympics: Munich 1972

During the middle of the Cold War, the US and USSSR faced off in what would become the most disputed finish to a basketball game ever. Trailing 50-49 after Doug Collins made two free throws with three seconds left, the Soviets inbounded and did not score, but a referee stopped the game because he claimed the clock was wrong and ordered the teams to re-play the possession. After the Soviets inbounded a second time and didn’t score, the referees again ordered another re-do because of clock issues. On their third attempt, the Soviets scored on a full-court pass to win the gold. Forty years later, the American team continues to give the result the middle finger by not claiming their silver medals and they remain in a Swiss vault today. Captain Kenny Davis went as far as to put it in his will that none of his family can ever claim the medal.