Joe Budden is just like us. Well, sort of. He gets way badder chicks than we do. He throws better pool parties than we do. And, he also raps a hell of a lot better than any of us (god, we really hope those YouTube videos never surface!). But, just like us, he plays fantasy football.

The Slaughterhouse member has one distinct advantage over people like us, though. And, he showcased it recently when he posted up an Instagram photo of a text message that he sent Texans running back Arian Foster to inquire about his health (peep the thumbs to see the photo).

"I got 1st pick in my fantasy," Budden wrote. "U fully healed or what? Lol"

Foster replied with some inside information. "Lol yessuhh," he wrote back. "I want a cut of what u make nigga lol"

Damn. If we were playing FF against Budden, we'd definitely protest that move. It doesn't seem very fair, does it?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]