Jerry Sandusky has started writing a follow-up to his 2001 autobiography, Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story, while awaiting his sentencing. The book is said to had helped investigators in the case by leading them to some of the victims. Sources have told WJAC-TV that on top of scribing his second book while incarcerated, he also plans on telling his side of the story when he receives sentencing. They've also said that he and his wife, Dottie have been exchanging so much paper work that her writing privileges have been suspended. 

This guy is one sick puppy. What could he possibly say in this book or at his sentencing? That he never touched those kids? Even though, the name of his first book is entitled, "Touched?" His lawyer needs to be fired.

But knowing America his book will be a best-seller in no time.

[via The Big Lead]