As if the dreaded "Madden curse" wasn't bad enough, John Madden just put the ultimate jinx on Madden NFL 13 cover star Calvin Johnson. During a recent interview with the Detroit Free Press, the former NFL broadcaster was asked whether or not he believes in the "Madden curse" that's resulted in so many NFL players getting injured after appearing on the cover of Madden. And, to the surprise of no one, he said that he doesn't believe in it. But, then he took things a step further and gave every Detroit Lions fan out there reason to be nervous.

"I was on the cover for several years, and I never once even pulled a hamstring," he said. "It's a violent sport. Injuries are going to happen. If there was such a thing [as a curse], you couldn't ask for a better man to prove that wrong than who we've got this year. He might be as close to indestructible as we've ever had on the cover. Maybe I shouldn't say that…that might…I'm not going to talk about that anymore."

Gee, thanks. But, we're pretty sure the damage has already been done. Fantasy football players: Do not draft Calvin Johnson. We repeat: Do NOT draft Calvin Johnson. And, someone go check on him, like, now (and bring lots of Band-Aids when you do!). Your man just got hit with two curses at once and, at this point, we fear for his safety.

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[via Detroit Free Press]