Clippers fans aren't used to getting good news. Usually, if we're talking about the Clips, it's because something very, very bad happened. Case in point: Last week, Chris Paul announced that he underwent thumb surgery after the 2012 Summer Olympics and would be out of commission for close to two months.

However, today we've got some good news for the Clippers faithful (which we're told does, in fact, exist). Blake Griffin—who underwent surgery last month to repair a torn medial meniscus in his left knee—is reportedly healing quite nicely. So nicely that he says he'd be ready to start playing tomorrow if he had to.

"If camp started tomorrow, I'd be ready to go," he said yesterday. "I could go now if I needed to…The surgery wasn't one of those things that took a long time [to recover from]. It was just a matter of getting my strength back and we really took our time with it. I could have been back even earlier than that."

And, that's not all. There's more good news—yes, more good news!—too. Griffin also revealed that he's been working on his mid-range game and free throw shooting this summer (both were pretty horrendous last season) in an effort to help the Clippers out more on offense.

"I'm trying to become a more complete player," he said. "I've been working on my shot, working on my free throws, those are two things I've been able to work on a lot because they're stationary."

Whew. Can you handle all that, Clippers fans? Life is pretty good right about now, huh?

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[via ESPN LA]