When: 3/17/1990

According to one of Don King's fellow promoters, Don Elbaum, Meldrick Taylor was promised a purse of $1.3M. The King represented boxer was presented with a check for $300K. According to Elbaum, when Taylor protested, King threatened to have him killed.

Later, the boxing world was treated to one of the most anticipated matchups of the early '90s when Taylor was paired against Julio Caesar Chavez. Chavez, like Taylor, was an undefeated champion and represented by King. Taylor led the scorecard until the final round when, with two seconds left in the match, Chavez landed a punch that knocked Taylor to the mat. The fight was called after the knockdown, handing the match to Chavez in front of an outraged stadium. It's believed by many to be a glaring example of boxing's corrupt nature and King's ability to fix matches without consequence.