We've heard that training for the Olympics can be a bitch for swimmers. Essentially, they're forced to spend hours at a time in the pool all by themselves swimming up and back, up and back, up and back…Yeah, not fun.

So, we can't really blame Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice for thinking outside the box when it came time to design a training schedule for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Her routine? Plenty of swimming up and back—and plenty of time on the stripper pole that she had installed in her apartment.

"I did do some classes and I made my family members buy me the pole because I was like, 'Well, this can be cross-training exercise,'" she admitted on a Melbourne radio station recently. "But, I don't have it anymore."

Aw, shucks. Then again, Rice didn't exactly have the best Olympic performance this year (she failed to medal) so maybe the stripper pole isn't really the best training tool in the world. We're sure glad she gave it a try, though.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]