The Red Sox hate the Yankees. And, the Yankees hate the Red Sox. No surprise there, right? But, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine—who is no stranger to saying and doing outlandish things—wanted to make those points crystal-clear last night when he came out and made one of the boldest baseball predictions we've heard this season. Before Boston beat the Bronx Bombers in extra innings to take two out of three games in their series, he said that he thinks the Yanks might miss the playoffs this season. That's right. Despite the fact that they're easily one of, if not the best team in Major League Baseball right now, he's not penciling them into the playoffs just yet.

"Maybe they won't get in it," he said. "Who knows? Crazy things happen in this game…We might win the division. Who knows?…I have faith. A miraculous comeback wouldn't play well here in New York, but it would be an interesting story."

You can say that again. And, it wouldn't be completely unprecedented to see the Red Sox, who are currently 9.5 games out of first place, come back and win the AL East. The Tampa Bay Rays did the same exact thing last year after being back 9.5 games late in the season (Red Sox fans remember, right?). But, c'mon: There's no way the Yanks let that happen this season. Mark our words: No. Way. The hate is just too strong.

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[via ESPN New York]