After this year, the NBA doesn't really want its marquee players to take part in the Olympics anymore. So, NBA Commissioner David Stern proposed a new idea recently with regards to Olympic involvement. He said that Team USA should basically be a 23-and-under team with some of the NBA's youngest players repping the United States in the Olympics. The thought is that doing that would prevent some of the league's superstars from feeling like they had to commit to the team and give the younger players a chance to shine. It's not a terrible idea, right? Unless, of course, you ask Kobe Bryant.

"It's a stupid idea," he said matter-of-factly when Team USA touched down in London late yesterday. "It should be a player's choice…Basically, it's just a dumb idea."

So, there you have it. Kobe has spoken. Any chance The Commish listens?

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[via ESPN]