When Brett Favre agreed to come back to the Vikings in 2010 after his stellar 2009 campaign with the team, the perception was that he just didn't want to hang up his cleats yet. It also appeared that he was in love with all of the media attention that he got when he announced that he'd be coming back for another year. But, as it turns out, that's not really why Favre made a comeback with the Vikings. In fact, the reason behind his decision was much simpler than that.

"The money was too good," he told Deion Sanders during a recent interview on the NFL Network. "The money was too good, and I hate to say it's about money. I felt the money was a lot, but the guys, I kind of felt like even though I knew it was going to be next to impossible to [duplicate the success of the previous season]—I wouldn't tell them [that]—Sidney [Rice], Jared [Allen], [Steve] Hutchinson, and Adrian [Peterson], they were like, 'Unfinished business.' I just knew that it probably was finished, but I did feel like if I didn't try it…"

So, he tried…and he failed. Miserably, actually. Minnesota went 6-10 in 2010 and Favre ended up throwing just 11 touchdowns to go along with his 19 interceptions. He also had his consecutive games started streak snapped towards the end of the season after suffering an injury. So, was it worth it, Brett? A couple more of those Wrangler checks (that you still seem to be cashing!) wouldn't have sufficed?

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[via ESPN Milwaukee]