Former Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden knew Penn State football coach Joe Paterno for more than 50 years. 50 years! And, after hearing the Freeh Report, even he is disgusted by what took place on the Penn State campus on Paterno's watch. In fact, he's so digusted by it that he's called for PSU to remove the Joe Pa statue that they currently have on campus.

"Every time somebody walks by and sees that statue, they're not going to remember the 80 good years," Bowden told the Altoona Mirror yesterday. "They're going to remember this thing with [Jerry] Sandusky. And, I say, for Joe's sake, for the family's sake, I would remove that statue…I mean, just think, every time you go to a ballgame at Penn State and they shine that camera on that statue, that's going to be brought up again. So, if I was Penn State and I was Joe's family, I'd say remove all that stuff."

We can't imagine PSU not removing it soon. It's really only a matter of time.

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[via Dr. Saturday]