There's no doubt that Rolls-Royces are one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road today. People on the street see the distinctly bold front end, the Spirit of Ecstacy riding proudly upright, and the luxury paint jobs and know that somebody really important, or extremely wealthy, is sitting behind those glass window barriers. However, most don't fully understand that it is the craftsmanship inside the cabin that gives Rolls-Royce customers the true lifestyle they desire. 

The high-class automobile brand recently opened a massive 9,200-square-foot showroom, the biggest in North America, and second-biggest in the world in Jericho, Long Island, housing the biggest customization room in the world. We were able to attend the opening and speak with the head of leather at Rolls-Royce Andrew Monachan. We had the pleasure to grill him about the artistry of leather production, what separates Rolls-Royce from other luxury cars, and how the company manages to keep up with the high demand and expectations of its customer base. Hit the jump to meet the man behind the leather.

Interview by Tony Markovich (@T_Marko)

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