Last night, the refs controlled the Celtics/Heat game. Plain and simple. Luckily for us, the NBA won't hunt us down for saying that. The same can't be said for Rajon Rondo. During halftime of yesterday's game, Rondo candidly said that Miami was "complaining and crying to the referees in transition" when ESPN's Doris Burke asked how Boston was exploiting their opposing team's defense (check out that clip below). 

At the conclusion of the game, Doris Burke was back again interviewing Rajon, but this time, she asked if he expected any repercussions for his earlier comments and that's when things got a little testy. After Rondo bolted, it looked like he asked Doris if she was trying to get him fined. In the end, it seemed as though Burke tried making things right with the C's guard but as we all know, these 2012 NBA Playoffs haven't brought the best out of Rondo when it comes to dealing with the media...or fashion.  


[via The Big Lead]