If you're looking to get into fixed-gear riding, we've got a couple of tips for you. We've even got a list of some of the best fixed-gear bikes that you might want have a look at. However, once you've had a look at those and actually start riding fixed, like with any great habit, you'll start to want more. By more, we of course mean specialized components, because who really wants to push a stock ride?

Enter the Radio Bike Company, who have recently introduced the latest innovation in fixed gear components with their Bombtrack micro drive, splined hub in either 9 or 10 teeth options. The rear hub is what allows the wheel of your bike to hook to the chain via the sprocket, which hooks to the pedals, which is what makes it possible for you to make your bike "go."

The introduction of these 10 and 11 teeth micro drive hubs means you can change the ratio to allow for more clearance between the sprocket and hub, causing less frictioin and making for a longer lasting hub system. Also, they come in some really neat colors. 

The Bombtrack Micro Drive Fixed Hub Systems are set for a late August/Early September 2012 release.

[via Zlog]