Jerry Seinfeld, most famous for his show about nothing and most forgettable for a few bits of entertainment that were trying to be about something (Bee Movie, The Marriage Ref), is launching a show about something: cars. Luckily, this something is a subject that Seinfeld gets all giddy about. The man owns 46 Porsches and once got into a legal battle with his neighbors when he tried to build a $1.4 million garage in New York.

The show will be called "Comics and Cars" which implies that there will be other funny, middle-aged men involved in this endeavor. We already know that Larry David and a '52 VW Beetle will make an appearance, and Seinfeld's other funnymen friends include Alec Baldwin and Ricky Gervais. We have Top Gear USA, but now it seems like we might be getting Top Gear Hollywood as well.

Seinfeld isn't the first comic to step sideways into automotive entertainment; Leno's Garage already has quite a following. Perhaps there's more to the rivalry from that Acura ad than we thought. 

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[via New York Post]