The Milwaukee Bucks must be extremely frustrated right now. A week ago, they were in prime position to make the NBA Playoffs. And, now? Well, it looks like they're in prime position to get a shitty lottery pick in June. So, at the end of the Bucks/Pacers game in Indiana last night, all of that frustration came pouring out when Bucks forward Larry Sanders tried to fight all five Pacers that were on the floor at one time after committing a hard foul. We'd like to emphasize the word "try" because Sanders never actually laid a hand on any of them. But, he did run around for a few minutes, make a fool of himself, and do enough to earn himself a hefty fine from the Commissioner sometime in the very near future.

SMH. We've gotta ask: Was it worth it, man? Did it help relieve any of that frustration you're feeling? Did you really have any intention of knuckling up with anyone? Probably not. So, next time, just walk away.

[via SLAM]

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