Hey, Cory Booker: No Bruce Springsteen tickets for you!

That's the message that New Jersey Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek just sent to the Newark Mayor, who had requested tickets to Bruce's sold-out concert at the Devils' home arena, the Prudential Center, next month. And why did he turn him down? Well, because yesterday, Booker came out and called Vanderbeek a "high-class, highfalutin huckster and hustler" [Ed. note: Greatest diss ever? We think so!] for making the city of Newark a bunch of promises five years ago when the Devils moved there and never coming through on them. He also called him "one of the most despicable owners" in the National Hockey League and said that he wouldn't set foot in the Prudential Center until a revenue dispute involving rent and parking was settled.


For now, the Devils are saying that Booker wasn't actually denied tickets and that Booker is just using the situation to make the team look bad. But, Booker says that he was denied—and that he's insulted because he's the one who actually helped make the Springsteen concert happen in the first place.

"They called me and asked me to lobby to get Bruce Springsteen to come to the arena," he says. "I went through a lot of hoops to try and get him to come here."

And, now that he's coming? It looks like the Mayor won't be there. What a clusterfuck.

[via Star-Ledger]

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