At 49 years old, Jamie Moyer is the furthest thing from a flame-thrower when he steps on the pitcher's mound for the Colorado Rockies. In fact, during his last start where he became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to win a game, Moyer topped out at 80 miles per hour. We know what you're saying, "I can throw harder than that!" Well, if that's the case, prove it and win a ticket to a minor league game in the process. 

You see, the Fort Myers Miracle, a single-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, are offering fans the opportunity to score a free ticket to tonight's game with only one caveat: You need to throw a baseball faster than Jamie Moyer. 
While we commend the Miracle for their promotional creativity, is bashing a guy that's defied the odds really necessary?! Stay classy, people. Stay classy. 

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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