Date: 2/19/2012
As one of the biggest fights in the Light Heavyweight division was about to take place, UFC had these guys do a ton of interviews in hopes of generating more excitement, and boy was that mission accomplished.

They did joint interviews for Comcast SportsNite (above), Fuel TV, and a UFC conference call. Individually, they did plenty of self promotion on Twitter and in other interviews, too. The two reached a point where they couldn't conduct an interview without arguing over either Jones being fake or cocky, or Evans supposedly lying or undermining him. Coach Greg Jackson was also another touchy subject for Rashad.

With Bones being endorsed by the UFC and reaching megastatus for an MMA fighter, Evans believes it's him against the world. That has definitely upped the intensity for their sit downs. Everyone has enjoyed the pre-fight hype. These guys legitimately don't like each other anymore and that has made coverage must-see TV.