Not even a month deep into its Pinterest life, Honda is making noise by giving away $500 to some of the network's most active users. In what they are campaigning as "Pintermissions," Honda wants people to get off the Internet for 24 hours and do what they are pinning online. Maybe they want to take a trip to Hawai'i or maybe they want to buy some new ties. In the spirit of the outgoing new CR-V, Honda wants its customers to live their life. 

"We're just dipping our toes in the water here with our first campaign, Lauren Ebner, assistant manager of social media at American Honda Motor Inc., said. but it will be a good opportunity to market some of our vehicle launches [in the future]." 

As one of the fastest growing social networks right now, Pinterest has been relatively untouched by motor companies. With this new push, Honda is looking to take the lead. 

[via Advertising Age]

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