Tennessee Titans' running back Chris Johnson ran for at least 1,200 yards, 2,006 in 2009, in his first three seasons in the league. He had a total of 34 rushing touchdowns and looked to be a perennial rushing title contender for years to come. Then, last year happened. Although 1,047 yards might seem okay, 574 of those yards came from just four games. If you exclude Week 4 against the Browns, Johnson piled up 265 yards through seven of the first eight games of the season. He was easily one of the most frustrating and disappointing fantasy picks in the entire league. 

Now, about seven months from the first game of the 2012 NFL season, the same Chris Johnson that scored four touchdowns in 2011 made a random declarative tweet that he would lead the league in rushing this next year. 

The lockout before last year clearly hurt Johnson, as he didn't look anywhere near prepared when Week 1 finally rolled around. With a full offseason to rest, get back in shape and refocus, and a healthy Kenny Britt to help open the field a bit, we are positive Johnson will have a better season. We aren't ready to give him the crown, though. 

[via Music City Miracles]

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