Ya know, for as many times as we've seen the clip above—a commercial that's meant to show off all of ESPN's mobile platforms—we've never seen it as being anything even remotely close to controversial. But now that they've mentioned it, we can totally see why this clip has served as the Kentucky Wildcats' motivation for much of the second half of the college basketball season.

If you're not familiar with the commercial—after all, ESPN only runs it a thousand times or so everyday—it features highlights from Kentucky's buzzer-beater loss to Indiana University back in December, which is the only L they suffered during their 30-1 regular season. And, apparently, some guys on the Kentucky team have had to watch it over and over and over again all winter long. So much, in fact, that the clip has motivated them to win a title this season.

"It shows like 100 times on ESPN all day," the 'Cats standout freshman center Anthony Davis said recently. "That really makes us mad. It's just the way we lost. We never want to have that feeling again."

It's even forced one of the Wildcats players to seriously consider selling all of his Apple products, which are featured prominently in the commercial. "I turn the TV off every time I seen that commercial," forward Terrence Jones said. "I almost sold my iPhone, my iPad."

Yikes. We're not sure what to do here: Thank ESPN for telling us exactly who we need to pencil into our brackets as the NCAA champs this year—or curse them for leaving our favorite college teams with absolutely no chance of winning it? Whatever the case, we'll never look at this commercial the same way again.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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