So you want a classic Celeste (the name of their signature color, if you didn't know) steel Bianchi Pista, and the $1,300 Pista Classica frameset is a bit out of reach? Well, do we have the bike for you.

For roughly two-thirds of the price of the (admittedly gorgeous) lugged Classica frameset, you can purchase the complete Pista Via Condotti (MSRP is $849), which features a full chromoly frame and fork and a classic look thanks to its high-flange hubs, steel bars, skinwall tires, and suede-covered saddle. Plus, with two brakes already installed, you can easily convert the Via Condotti to a singlespeed racer and ride like Fausto Coppi. And if you truly love it, well, then you can build up that Pista Classica.

Buy it here.