What is it with the University of Kentucky and commercials? A couple weeks ago, several Wildcats players spoke out about how an ESPN commercial is motivating them to win the NCAA Championship this season. And now, a senator from Kentucky is calling for UPS to stop airing the commercial shown above that features Christian Laettner's classic shot from the 1992 East Regional Finals (aka one of the biggest fails in March Madness history!).

"I think it would be wise for them to pull the ad," Sen. Ernie Harris said recently.

Wait, did you really say that you "think it would be wise" for them to pull the ad? With all due respect, Senator, who the hell do you think you are—Tony Soprano?!?

Anyway, UPS replied to Sen. Harris by saying that they won't pull the ad anytime soon. And, just like that, Duke beats Kentucky again. That must sting, Wildcats fans. That must sting real bad.

[via The Dagger]

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