Just when you start to have confidence that the world is a decent place, something like this comes around and takes out the wrong Jenga piece, sending your perception crashing down to square one. First pointed out by @msois on Twitter, a screen shot of ESPN.com's "Contact Us" page shows a specific section just to state your dislike for women sports commentators. To double check and make sure it was not photoshopped, we went to the site and took the same steps. Sure enough, there it sat highlighted in blue under our arrow: "Commentator - dislike female commentators." 

The complaint was on a list occupied with things like "graphics/bottom line," "national anthem," "team selection," and "story ideas." Nowhere else is there a selection to choose any specific male position. The other strange part is that the option is only available for specific sports. We picked men's college basketball, but the choice is not there for college football, a sport heavily covered by women reporters and commentators. Maybe it's time ESPN incorporated a drop-down menu specifically for "Ways ESPN Is Sexist." 

[via Jezebel]

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